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What is ODAAT?

One Day At a Time (ODAAT) is one of my first projects at the start of my UI UX journey. As a WorkXPlay Intern, I worked on the conception of a new social-sharing app called ODAAT - an app for both iOS, Android and a website that served as an aggregate for the best posts from ODAAT. 

We were interested in building a community and allowing users to have the best experience when they share their day, knowledge, creativity and aspirations. It is an open-to-all community, as long as users contribute positively.

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Share Your Story

Most people take a lot of photos but they rarely have anywhere to talk about them in more detail conveniently. 

ODAAT is designed to enable users to easily capture life moments with words and photos/ videos and GPS location tags. This enables users to easily relive those meaningful moments.

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All About Community

The central theme behind ODAAT was to build a supportive community where people would share little snippets of their lives, one day at a time.


Unlike popular social media apps, there is no 'Follow' button, instead users interact by 'liking' posts and the posts are sorted organically based on 'Latest', 'Editor's Pick' and what's 'Popular'.

We wanted an open mode of discovery versus a “herd“ or “populist“ mentality.

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Your Authentic Self

We want users to be their real self. 

ODAAT is free for anybody who contributes and shares their day, thoughts, opinions, and knowledge. To this end we have established a verified post system.

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Climbing the Charts

On Day 2 of its release, ODAAT was ranked no. 11 in the Social Networking category of the App Store.

Our focus was to become to build a community that is open to all, which would require time and momentum.


ODAAT is still a work in progress but it definitely provided good insight into designing for social communities and the world of social networking apps. 

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